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Alumni Meet’s Celebration

ORGANIZATION INSTITUTE Shri S.R. Patel B.Ed. College, Anita, Kim Shri Z.S.Patel Mahila B.Ed.College, Pree P.T.C.Valmiki Adhyapan Mandir.
LIGHTING LAMP Shree Jayantibhai Patel ( Managing Trusty ), Shree Mukund Patel ( Campus Director ), Shree Maheshbhai Patel ( Campus Director )
ANCHORING Mrs. Rupaben Dadawala


Every school and college conducts an alumni meet where they call all passed out students and let them interact with each other. It is not only about maintaining a good relationship or connection with the passed-out students but also the alumni meet makes an institute feel proud of its alumni.

The concept of alumni association evolved for needs from both the ends, i.e. academicians and professionals, in the aim of building a bridge between college life and career life, so that the fresher graduates are made proactive to face the current challenges of competitive professional world.


  • The aim of the meet is to acknowledge the contributions made by ex-students.
  • Their ex-students a chance to meet each other and relive the memories.
  • Ex-students can participate in various events during the meet. They can interact with each other freely during the event.

Details of the Program

Someone asks you what is your legacy? Absolutely then say that ‘Amaru kool to Vidyakoonj chhe.’ In the Alumni Convocation, this sentence uttered by Mr. Jayantibhai Patel (Managing Trustee) was the lifeblood of the entire event. On Sunday 25/09/2022, the Institute functioning under Vidyadip – Vidyakunj Complex, Mr. S. R. Patel B.Ed. College, Mrs. Z. S. Patel Female B.Ed. College, Pre-PTC Valmiki Teaching Temple, PTC. Alumni Convention of Performing Arts Center Auditorium, L. P. Done at Savani Road, Surat.

After starting the program by lighting the lamp of education in Vidyadeep, Prof. Verses and prayers were sung by Kaushika Vaghela. In which the presence of Mr. Jentibhai Patel, (Managing Trustee) Mr. Mukundabhai Patel (Campus Director – Vidhyadeep Campus) Mr. Maheshbhai Patel (Director of Vidhyakunj Campus) graced the program. The trainees were welcomed verbally by the principals of all the colleges of the campus, Mrs. Jayshriben Rawalji, The trainees then recounted their sweet and sour stories. Some of the trainees laughed while recalling the events of the immediate past, some of the trainees had wet eyes, some trainees also expressed their wish that the alumni meeting should be held every six months. The trainees were given a watch as a souvenir. The flame of Vidyadeep lighted lamp after lamp and removed many darkness’s and illuminated life. Such trainees were honored with annual awards.

Khaman in the morning, tea – coffee snack and lunch; Dishes like shoop, angur rabdi, poori, roti, stuffed ladyfingers, paneer vegetable, dal-rice, papad were enjoyed by the entire staff and all the alumni together. During the meal, some were busy taking selfies, some were busy chatting, while others were enjoying the meal by giving their full attention to the food. Angur Rabdis sweetness filled the whole program with sweetness.

Date: 25-09-2022

Time: 09:00 AM

Event Category: University events

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