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Vision and Mission Statement


Produce Employable Engineers who work in Environment friendly Manner motivated by Innovation.


  • To provide Excellent Environment in Teaching, Learning, Research, Innovation and Development.
  • To impart Core values in our Students.
  • To Promote and Aware Society for Use of Green Energy.
  • To Incorporate Ethical Values among Staff and Students.
  • To Make Bridge between Industries and Academic to create Maximum Employable Skill and Opportunity.


To accomplish its mission, the Department of Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering is one of the major Departments of VIEAT, Anita, Kim, Surat since 2011. The Department is active in teaching and research areas of Power Electronics, Power System, Electrical Machines and Control System.

Study Material




Electromagnetic & its Application to Insulation Breakdown in Pulsed Power Technology
Author – Mr. Nimesh Smart, Miss. Manisha Patel
Implementation of Vector Oriented Control for Induction Motor Using DS1104
Author – Mr. Nimesh Smart, Miss. Manisha Patel
Monitoring of Power Quality using PLC
Author – Mr. Divyang Modi, Mr. Nimesh Smart
Design 3-phase core type of Transformer and Modification of Symmetrical Star Shaped Core.
Author – Miss. Ayushi Patel, Miss. Namrata Bapodariya, Mr. Himanshu Panchal, Mr. Nimesh Smart, Mr. Kshitij Bhatt
Design & Implementation of 17.25 kVA Solar Power Plant
Author – Mrs. Vaidhya Riya, Miss. Patel Sohini, Mr. Patel Ronak, Mr. Patel Fenil, Mr. Nimesh Smart
Analysis of Five Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Variable Frequency Multicarrier Pulse Width Modulation Techniques.
Author -Mr. Shani M Vaidya, Mr. Kunal P Bhatt
Design and Implementation of Green Energy Based Electrical Power Generation System.
Author – Mr. Ronak Tandel, Mr.Keyur Mistry, Mr.Dipen Patel,Mr. Akash Tandel, Mr.Shani M Vaidya
PLC & SCADA based Power Quality Improvisation in Induction Motor
Author-Mr.Urvesh Dakoriya, Mr Nimesh D. Smart
Evaluation of the transient response of DC motor
Author-Mr.Urvesh Dakoriya, Mr Nimesh D. Smart
Simulation Model of Boost Converter
Author-Mr.Urvesh Dakoriya, Mr Nimesh D. Smart
PWM Based Speed Control for a DC Motor
Author-Mr.Sanjay Bhanderi, Mr.Chintan Patel, Mr.Hardeepkumar Patel, Mr.Pratik Patel, Ms.Apeksha Unadkat
Measurement of electomagnetic parameters in pulsedpower system
Author-Mr. Nimesh D. Smart, Mr. Shani M. Vaidya
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