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Ideation for Innovation

ORGANIZATION INSTITUTE Vidhyadeep Institute of Nursing
CHIEF GUEST Mr. Jayantibhai Patel
WORK PROFILE OF CHIEF GUEST President of Vidhyadeep University


The scheme provides financial assistance to the institutions that are part of the network of Institutions’ Innovation council of MoE’s Innovation Cell for organizing impact lecture sessions by inviting external experts on innovation, IPR and start-up. These sessions intend to generate awareness and skill on I&E & IPR among students and faculties of IIC Institutes established in aspirational districts with a preference to IIC institutes.


In the year 2018, the Ministry of Education (MoE) through MoE’s Innovation Cell (MIC) launched the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) program in collaboration with AICTE for Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) to systematically foster the culture of innovation and start-up ecosystem in education institutions. Primarily, IICs’ role is to engage large number of faculty, students and staff in various innovation and entrepreneurship related activities such as ideation, Problem solving, Proof of Concept development, Design Thinking, IPR, project handling and management at Pre-incubation/Incubation stage, etc., so that innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem gets established and stabilized in HEIs. The IIC model is designed to address the existing challenges/issues in HEIs such as less numbers,occasional and unplanned Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) activities organised in HEIs with low involvement of top leadership, lack of coherence and absence of synergy in resource mobilization, deployment and underutilization of creative potential of youths as major barrier for vibrant I&E ecosystem to emerge from HEIs.

IIC model is unique and distinct as it integrates the functionalities of flexibility calendar activities, scoring and reward system, decentralizing operation with division of work, progress monitoring and incentive mechanisms in coordinated manner through a robust digital platform. In last two years, undoubtedly, IIC has emerged as a very sustainable and scalable model for promoting innovation within HEIs and the efforts of these IIC Institutes can be seen as impactful contribution towards making country’s innovation and start-ups ecosystem more vibrant and dynamic. The recent achievement of India’s 48th positon in Global Innovation Index (GII) ranking is a reflection of the same


Institution’s Innovation Council established at HEI helps in planning, channelizing and organising round the year activities in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and IPR to sensitise and motivate students and faculties to pursue innovation and start-up during their academic.
Conduct of impact lecture sessions in HEIs are one of the approach under the IIC program to support IIC institutions to generate awareness on innovation, IPR and start up in such institutions with funding assistance from MIC & AICTE. The impact lecture sessions in selected IIC institutions will not only a streamlined campus innovation and start-up ecosystem but also help in establishing strong connection with ecosystem enablers at regional and national level, and aware students and faculty members about innovation ecosystem in their surrounding and at national level.
The Impact lecture series scheme requires IIC institution to organise at least two sessions in the field of innovation, IPR, and start up by inviting successful innovators, patent expert and entrepreneurs and resource persons from innovation and start-up ecosystem.

Speaker of a Webinar:

We have invited Mr. Rudresh Vyas an education head in engineering technique, who is going to talk to us about Problem identification skill, ideation and innovation. This is a topic in which we should all be deeply interested because it’s by avoiding technical mistakes that we can best ensure our entrepreneurs futures. Although he has spent almost his entire career on problem identification and innovation in Engineering Technique, Vadodara. He is an education head in engineering technique. He has over 27+ years of experience in IT, 3D CAD & 3D Printer, Education Industry. Also possesses good knowledge of Software, Hardware and ISO 9000 quality standards mainly in education and support services. Since last 18+ years working as Business Development Manager (West India) in Education area and setting new mile stones for the region. Launched futuristic IT products and apart from Job/Placement oriented courses he promoted concept of Entrepreneurship / Start-up amongst the students since last 2 decades.

Details of the Program

We have organized this Webinar at 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM. Prof. Mehul Patel host of the webinar has welcomes all the participants, Our guest, principal, co-coordinator and convener. After that Prof. Jaiminkumar Patel, convener of the webinar has give the speech regarding to IIC, MIC and on webinar topic “Ideation for Innovation.” Webinar coordinator Prof. Vishal Dhimmar greeted the distinguished guest and addressed the entire faculty member and all the participants. Then our principal sir Prof. Mahesh Padia has talked about our institute, Vidhyadeep University. Moreover, Mr. Rudresh Vyasl has discussed on Ideation for Innovations as well as some start-ups in this webinar. At last discussion were made over some points between speaker and participants and Prof Mehul Patel has thank management, institute, MIC, AICET, webinar speaker Mr. Rudresh vyas, Principal, Coordinator, convener, and all the percipients..

Key Points of this session:

  1. Introduction to Ideation and Innovations
  2. Discussion on Skill India, Start-up Program, Make in India
  3. Start-up Accelerators and Incubators
  4. Engineering Technique Building Culture of Innovation
  5. Digitalisation of Manufacturing
  6. Improve Old Existing Products
  7. Additive Manufacturing

Date: July 20

Time: 10:30 am – 4:30 pm

Event Category: University events

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