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M.Sc. IT


Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) is a three year undergraduate degree course which is divided into six semesters. Students will be taught subjects which are related to the technological applications that are required in today’s practical work field.

Skills to be learnt

Students who opt for a Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA)will get skills and information not only about Computer and Information Technology but also in communication, organization and management. One also get to learn programming languages such as Java, C++, HML, SQL, etc. Information about various computer applications and latest developments in IT and communication systems is also provided.

Career opportunities

Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA)gives a number of opportunities to individuals to go ahead and shine in their lives. The opportunities available for people doing BCA are galore. A few of them being like Software Programmer, System and Network Administrator, Web Designer, Faculty for Computer Science/Communication Technology, etc. The range of chances in Information Technology (IT) are immense. Some are creative while others are highly technical.

Future scope

Those who have completed their  Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA)  it gives them an added advantage if they work in some organization for a few years and then do their MCA (Masters in Computer Applications). After completing their masters one becomes specialized in that particular field. It gives a distinct advantage to the students.


“The computer programmer is a creator of universes for which he alone is the lawgiver. Universes of virtually unlimited complexity can be created in the form of computer programs.” – Joseph Weizenbaum

In today’s era, Information Technology demands to establish an opportunity to work through accurate skills and programming, and with that aim, “Vidhyadeep Institute of Computer & Information Technology” works on it. The uniqueness and eminence will safeguard students’ future to succeeding height, so our motto is “We are the Technology World”.

VICIT does not exert only on programmes but also spreads overall technology world. With that esteems, an institute manifests confidence and intelligence towards the achievement. The career of students will be boosted by efficient knowledge to air the positive competition. Apart from the classroom, we aim to focus on our students and outbreak conditions by developing interpersonal skills, programming skills, technologies, software and languages.

A VICIT aspirant needs to become the TECHNOLOGY WORLD who coaststhe world with information technology.

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– Mrs. Drashti Bhatt

Benefits After BCA

  • The program is designed for students who have the zeal to work with high end applications and those with analytical capabilities may gain more.
  • Masters in Information Technology (M.Sc. IT) is one of the most prominent programs in the IT industry. It has been designed for graduates who have pursued bachelor's degree in science, commerce, arts or management and want to make a professional career in the information technology world. This program aims at producing software developers to meet the ever-changing requirements of the global IT industry.
  • This program is designed for future managers who have technical background and who need to develop the business, finance, and leadership skills for enhancement in the career ladder. This program requires dexterity in advanced programming languages; power to build sophisticated software for wide area of applications.
  • Anyone can register for PhD after M.Sc. IT and If you are looking for PhD in Engineering - IT, then M. Tech.
  • Popular job designations include computer hardware engineer, software engineer, information systems manager, programmer, network systems and data analyst, systems analyst, database administrator, systems administrator, support specialist, computer and information scientist, school/college computer teacher
  • Some of the jobs that a MSc IT graduate can look for in a corporate sector are: Computer Programmer, Software Engineer, Security Expert, Systems Support Administrator, IT Consultant, Network Administrator and Web Developer.


Provided By Vidhyadeep
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  • Creativity Center
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  • Practice Through Modern Methods

Education at Vidhyadeep University offers and expects intellectual rigour, deep focus on research, unique opportunities for academic collaboration and creative momentum.


M.Sc. IT

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements for vidhyadeep university are formal criteria you must meet in order to be considered for a degree course you’re applying to:

Entry requirements for university take many forms:


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Vidhyadeep Scholarship

Right to Education is one of the fundamental rights of every Indian citizen. Vidhyadeep University believes that money should not be a road block for a student with innovative ideas in his mind and passion in his heart. We extend scholarships and financial assistance to meritorious students based on their academic achievements.

A number of scholarships are offered to students depending on the academic credentials and their achievements in sporting and cultural arena. The University grants full to partial waiver on tuition fees payable by the student.

Course structure and modules

The majority of our undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (known as BA) degrees last three years. This is not always the case, for example if you are doing a language degree which involves a year abroad, your course may be four years. Exceptionally, a language degree may be five years long (for example, Classics and Modern Languages).

Other undergraduate degrees may also last four years. These include some science degrees and may result in a Masters in your subject – for example, Computer Science (MCompSci), Engineering Science (MEng) and Physics (MPhys).

Medicine is divided between a three year pre-clinical stage that includes studying towards a BA in Medical Science followed by a three year clinical stage.

How you study

Finding the best way to study is an ongoing process. It isn’t something that can be left to the night before the test. You should be constantly improving your study skills to better understand what works (and what doesn’t).

Learning how to study better helps avoid panic and frustration the next time a big test is coming up. After all, you are more likely to do well and be less stressed before a test when you have had time to properly review and practice the material!

Mastering effective study habits not only makes it easier to learn but will also help you get better grades in high school and post-secondary.

Knowing how to study effectively is a skill that will benefit you for life. Developing effective study skills requires lots of time and patience. If you follow these tips you’ll be on your way to discovering which type of studying works best for you—so you can knock your next test out of the park!

Career opportunities

The Placements, both for final jobs and Summer Internships is an integral part of any University’s annual calendar of activities. Vidhyadeep University has a well laid-out systematic process of meeting students career aspirations and corporates expectations. The Placement department function as a bridge between the University’s Schools, Industries and Students. The Placement activities are for the students and by the students. The process is transparent and commences with the uploading students profiles on placement portal. Each students, faculty coordinators and Training and Placement officials have excess to the portal.

The leading companies from all sectors are invited by the Placement Department on the campus, where the eligible students are facilitated to go through the entire selection process. The entire process is governed by the student’s ability and performance, as well as the requirements and norms of the Industry.

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