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joint research on AI in US

Homo sapiens – ‘man, who knows’ is the name given to humankind due to the knowledge and intelligence that they possess. Science and technology have escalated aspects of this human intelligence to its computerized platform in the form of artificial intelligence (AI). In the past few decades, AI has explored the scope for various expert systems. It has made a vast impact on various fields, namely, engineering, law, science, medicine, and business among others, by performing complex assignments and making our daily lifestyle more convenient. To deliver prompt services to beneficiaries where logic and decision making are involved, AI-based concepts can be applied especially in service sectors overwhelmed with pending tasks. As a developing nation, India is overburdened with a bulk amount of pending legal cases mainly due to the insufficient number of judges, legal professionals, infrastructure, etc. Following this concept, AI can be applied over the legal field to assist the legal system in resolving these pending legal cases and deliver prompt justice to the victim. Several researchers are conducting research works in this field to explore new dimensions of interdisciplinary research work. The main contribution of this research is to study existing research works, and to find out its challenges and future scope over the multivariate applications of AI in the field of law, so that a significant contribution can be made to assist the Indian Legal System for the prompt delivery of justice to the beneficiary.

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