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Seminar on Sehgal System

Seminar on Sehgal System

DATE 11/02/2023
TIME 09:00 AM onwards

Dr. Ajay Shah (Academic Director of Vidyadeep University)

Mr. Vilin Parekh (Incharge Registrar of Vidhyadeep University)

EVENT COORDINATOR(s) Dr. Maitri Sukhadia, Dr. Harshna Goti
TARGET AUDIENCE Students, Professors, Doctors


Objective of the Event

Seminar on shehgal system. Participates can understand and learn different methods to practise Homoeopathy through case studies.

Outcome of the Event

All participates learn different medicines through different case studies.
All learn to practice homeopathy successfully.
Students, and doctors also learn how to observe case, how to take case, and how to prescribe medicines.

Details of the Program

Sehgal system is revolutionized system of homoeopathy which is approach to take case in very short period of time and get the similium medicine through quick repertorisation . Dr. Shashank Kothari has a very good Practitioner and he uses shehgal method in day to day practice.

The Seminar was arranged by Dr. Maitri Sukhadia and Dr. Harshna Goti under the guidance of Dr. Vipul Shastri. The seminar was successfully hosted by Dr.Harshana Goti. It began with lamp lighting. Introduction of speaker given by Dr. Dipika Bhinsara. Felicitation of Dr. Ajay Shah was done by Dr. Avani Patel.

The felicitation of Mr. Vilin Parekh was done by Dr. Unnati Patel. Dr. Shashank Kothari felicitated by Dr. Ajay Shah and Mr. Vilin Parekh with flowers and momento. Dr. Heenli Kothari was felicitated by Dr. Khushbu Solanki.

After that Dr. Shashank Kothari had started his lecture and share his valuable knowledge of Sehgal system and taught how to apply the mind rubric in clinical practice of homoeopathy. Seminar was held in two session. 10:00 am to 1:30 pm 1st session; giving the knowledge about sehgal system and how it is used. Lunch break was 30 minutes. The food was too delicious. after that 2nd session started at 2:00 pm to 3:30. Sir was sharing his clinical experience with discussing the case which is treated with Sehgal system.

At the end session concluded by providing an appreciation certificate to speaker by Dr. Piyush Gujarati and thank you speech was given by principal Dr. Vipul Shastri.

List of Student/Other Coordinators : 300 (all staff & all students)

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