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President’s Message

President's Message

Greetings! I am delighted to serve as the President of Vidhyadeep University, an institution with an established reputation for academic excellence and service to the community.

Vidhyadeep University has emerged with a dynamic range of programs and courses designed to meet the needs of our students. Whether you are a student in an Undergraduate, Post graduate, Diploma and professional studies program, our academic programs have been designed to advance your intellectual and personal growth through a wide spectrum of learning opportunities.

Our faculty are engaged in important research and are leaders on campus and in our communities, and our students from the First Year Experience to undergraduate and graduate Research Day. You have opportunities to join in projects and programs that prepare you with hands-on learning. 

I am especially proud to work with a dynamic and talented group of faculty and staff colleagues who are passionate about their work and dedicated to helping students achieve success. Vidhyadeep University faculty and staff engage in on-going professional development and scholarly activities to maintain their expertise, contribute new information to their respective fields, and deliver instruction that is relevant and innovative.

In addition to a wide array of undergraduate (Engineering, Business, Computer, Science, Homeopathy, Education, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Sanitary), we offer master’s degrees in Science, Social Work, Nursing, Laboratory Technology and physiotherapy. We also offer Doctoral degree in Engineering, Science, Commerce and Management, Education, Homoeopathy, Nursing and Social Studies.

I invite you to explore our academic programs and discover all that Vidhyadeep University has to offer.

Jayantibhai S. Patel
Vidhyadeep University