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Educational Visit of Sewage Treatment Plant (SMC)


DATE 29/04/2023
TIME 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
ORGANISING INSTITUE Vidhyadeep Institute of Engineering and Technology (Diploma)
EVENT COORDINATOR(S) Mr. Vishesh Shah, Ms. Roshani Patel



To aware the civil engineering students about the practical knowledge of sewage water treatment process we arrange visit of ANJANA sewage water treatment plant.

Details of the Program

At present, there is one sewage treatment plant of 82.50 MLD capacity at Anjana is in operation since 2007. The treated wastewater from Anjana Sewage Treatment Plant is disposed off in nearby Mithi Khadi as per the earlier prescribed norms of GPCB.

The Key Features

The main objective of sewage treatment is to stabilize decomposable organic matter present in sewage so as to produce an effluent and sludge which can be disposed off in the environment without causing health hazards or nuisance.

The total Wastewater generation in the South-East (Anjana) Drainage Zone is estimated to 134 MLD in the year 2048 and 122 MLD in the year 2033.The existing capacity of Anjana Water Treatment Plant is 82.5 MLD. Looking to the current growth in the population and the future requirement, duly considering the life mechanical equipment in the STP, it is proposed to augment the existing sewage treatment plant with another 39.5 MLD.

About 48 students and 2 faculties were visited this plant and Students get so much knowledge from staff of Anjana Sewage Water treatment Plant.

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