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Seminar on Upskilling Right

Seminar on Upskill RIght & Campus Interview by Medvarsity RIET

DATE 27/06/2023
TIME 11:30 AM
ORGANIZATION INSTITUTE Vidhyadeep Institute of Nursing
CHIEF GUEST Ms. Sharmistha Nayi
WORK PROFILE OF CHIEF GUEST AGM Nusring, KD Hospital, Ahmedabad



The facilitator presents information for the entire session and answers questions posed by the audience. Seminars are beneficial because they provide opportunities to explore a developing nursing practice.


  • Provide new knowledge and skills to students.
  • Training students.
  • Building credibility while explaining the nursing expertise.
  • Increasing awareness of how to use values in improving professionalism.

Details of the Program

On the 27th June, 2023 Vidhyadeep University Nursing Department had organized one-day seminar on Upskill RIGHT and campus interview; on 27th of June, 2023 from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm at Vidhyadeep Campus. In the morning we started a program with the tradition of lamp lighting and welcoming all Medvarsity members, organized a seminar on theme “Upskill Right” by Mrs. Sharmistha Nayi, AGM Nursing, KD Hospital, Ahmedabad with active participation of around 380 Students. The session was highly appreciated by participants. After completion of seminar Medvarsity team took an interview of our intern students. This seminar concluded with Certificate Distribution and a vote of Thanks. The principal and all staff are highly indebted to all those who contributed towards the success of this seminar. The program concluded with and national anthem.

Organizing Chairperson

  1. Mr. Manish Dafda, Principal of Nursing Department

Organizing Secretary

  1. Mr. Iqram Patel, Assist. Prof. (Nursing Department)

Organizing Committee 

All staff members, SNA Unit

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