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Janmasthami Celebration

Janmasthami Celebration

DATE 06/09/23
TIME 10:00 am
ORGANISING INSTITUE Vidhyadeep University


Event Contents

1. Janmasthami Celebration
2. Matki Fod Competition
3. Cultural Event

Details of the event

Vidhyadeep University celebrated the joyous occasion of Janmashtami with great enthusiasm and fervor by organizing a thrilling Matkifod (Dahi Handi) competition on the university campus. This event brought together students from various departments and colleges under the umbrella of unity and celebration. Mr. Jayanti Patel the President of Vidhyadeep University graced the occasion and presided over the festivities. The Matkifod competition surpassed all expectations as the university’s vibrant student community enthusiastically participated. What set this year’s celebration apart was the opportunity for students to take on the role of Lord Krishna, donning his iconic attire and displaying their dexterity in breaking the Dahi Handi. The Matkifod competition witnessed spirited participation from different teams representing their respective colleges within the university. The teams displayed impressive enthusiasm, creativity, and physical prowess as they attempted to break the Dahi Handi and claim the cash prizes.

Winners and Prizes

The competition had an exciting finish with the following results:
1. First Rank – BHMS Boys: The BHMS Boys team displayed remarkable coordination and strength, successfully breaking the Dahi Handi and securing the coveted first position. They were awarded a cash prize of INR 1500.

2. Second Rank: BBA College Girls: The BBA College Girls team showcased incredible teamwork and determination, earning them the second position. They received a cash prize of INR 1000.

3. Third Rank: Degree Engineering College: The Degree Engineering College team displayed a commendable effort and secured the third position. They were awarded a cash prize of INR 500.

Special Attractions

Apart from the Matkifod competition, the event featured several other attractions that added to the festive spirit. These included traditional Janmashtami decorations, cultural performances, and delicious prasad distribution.


We would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Jayanti Patel the President of Vidhyadeep University, for his presence and support in making this event a grand success. We also thank the organizing committee, volunteers, and all participants for their hard work and dedication. With such vibrant celebrations, Vidhyadeep University continues to promote cultural diversity and unity among its students, creating an environment that encourages holistic development.

Outcome of the event

The Janmashtami Matkifod competition at Vidhyadeep University was a resounding success, symbolizing unity, teamwork, and the spirit of celebration among the students. The event not only provided an opportunity for students to showcase their physical prowess but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among them. We extend our hearty congratulations to all the winners and participants for making this event memorable.

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